Writer’s Blog… I mean Block, Challenge!

So it’s been a while, though not for lack of trying, I swear! I had a whole thing planned for C-88 in April and when I sat down to get to it, the words literally left me, and I sat here staring at a blank screen for a solid couple hours. Writer’s block is a bitch, and  doubly so when there are so many great new things coming out lately.


So Wifey in her infinite creativity, has come up with the following challenge! Simple, easy, and meant to get the ball rolling!

Writer's Block Challenge 512


Seems pretty easy, right? Good! Easy is what’s needed (at least for me) right now! I know I normally edit more, and add a bit more drama to my photos, but for this challenge I figured something simpler would work best.






4. My favorite thing about this, is probably the fact that this is me 100%. This is how I dress in real life. Casual, is the order of the day. My favorite jeans paired with any number of my awesome wordy tee’s and my favorite hoody or sweater. This is probably the most like me, my avatar has ever looked.


5. Blue. Blue is my color. I’m not sure that I need to say more than that. Anyone who knows me irl or in SL know that I wear blue all the time, every day.


6. No real accessories in this shot, other than the amazing facial pierced that I always wear from Pekka!


7. Adorkable poses are amazing and it was fun, simple and easy! (Pretty sure we covered this already!)


8. I feel comfy. It’s one of the my fall back outfits in SL. If I can’t decide what to wear that day, I’ll throw this one and know I love it til I figure out something better.



The Basics (Olivia)  –

  • Skin – Hush – Olivia (Flirty) – Cream
  • Eyes – Mayfly – Deep Sky Eyes – Green Tourmaline (Mesh)
  • Lashes – Hush – Coll Lashes
  • Makeup – , D.A. – Lipgloss
  • Hair- Truth – Josie – Frappuccino (Mesh)
  • Sweater – Pumpkin Unbutton Cardigan (Mesh) 
  • Tee – T Juntion – I love nerds!
  • Jeans – L.Inc – Tyra Jeans
  • Jewelry – Pekka – Terminal Piercing, 
  • Pose –Adorkable Poses

~ by missvonwondertits on May 19, 2013.

2 Responses to “Writer’s Blog… I mean Block, Challenge!”

  1. Well done, Wifey! I hope the challenge helped get you back on your feet again. ❤

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