Happy Thursday, folks! I know it’s been a few weeks, but getting back into photoshop has been a bit harder than I’d anticipated. I’ll make the chit-chat brief and get right to the good stuff.

A few new things with this post. The first being that I’ve recently decided to try my hand at pose making. It drives me literally insane when I have an idea in my mind for a shot, but no matter how much I stalk the marketplace or lurk through my favorite pose stores, I can’t find the right pose to capture what I’m looking for.

Second, I managed to twist some arms and get a little bit of help to showcase this designer. Deathfate is the handsome man beside me in these shots (and no, I didn’t have to dress him, he just looks -that- good!) , and he was gracious enough to stand there with a smile while I fiddled with angles, windlights, and generally ocd-ing out over the details.

Foundations Couples Pose

My designer of choice for this shot, is Shine & Sharp by the very talented, Cecilia Blachere.  I’ve only recently found out about these shops, but I have to say I’m pretty excited about the things she’s making! Shine is for the ladies, and Sharp for the boys, and  both have some very good quality items!  So yeah, check it out! I’m done with the blabbing now, please look below for the linkage, some more pohtos, and the song that inspired most of today’s post!


The Basics (Olivia)  –

  • Skin – Hush – Olivia (Flirty) – Vanilla
  • Eyes – Mayfly – Deep Sky Eyes – Green Tourmaline (Mesh)
  • Lashes – Hush – Lush Lashes
  • Makeup –  L.Fauna – Extra Freckles (Tan)
  • Hair- Magicka – Visit – 03 (Mesh)
  • Top – Shine by [ZD] – Belted Sweater – Mint (Mesh)
  • Belt – Shine by [ZD] – Casual Belt – Glossy Mint (Comes with the sweater)  (Mesh)
  • Bottoms – Shine by [ZD] – Lace Leggings – White  (Mesh)
  • Shoes – Mesh It – Ballet Flats – Chalk (Mesh)
  • Jewelry – Pekka – Terminal Piercing, Mandala – Stretched Ears Omimi (Mesh), MG – Moon Vine Lover’s Heart (Mesh)Izzie’s – 80′s Rounded Nails – Black
  • Pose – By Your’s Truly!!

The Basics (Deathfate)  –

  • Eyes – The Attic 
  • Hair- Shag –  Handsome Devil – Black
  • Top – Sharp by [ZD] – Pea Coat – Black (Mesh) 
  • Bottoms – Sharp by [ZD] – Slim Jeans – Straight Black (Mesh)
  • Jewelry – Kosh – Epiphany Necklace
  • Pose – By Your’s Truly!
Just Hangin'

Just Hangin’



Raw Shot! (I was too lazy to do this one, hah)

Raw Shot! (I was too lazy to do this one, hah)


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