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I can honestly say that I didn’t expect to find myself here again, but I’m so glad that I am! So yeah, Hello! Welcome back to Randomness to Fill the Spaces! I know that it’s been a while since I updated, and with my last post, things sort of just seemed final. It certainly felt pretty final to me. I took a bit of an on again, off again break with SL, but since returning (for what seems to be the foreseeable future) , I’ve had the itch to start doing something a little creative and a little fun. Jumping back into everything with a new look, and a new(ish) Avi. As much as I loved my previous look, I needed a change! Guess I should just get the ball rolling and stop rambling, right? Right.

Everybody Talks

I had a great time with this photo. I recently got back into shopping (My bank account is crying already), and updating my wardrobe a bit. Coldlogic is a staple in any inventory I have, so I had to give them a visit. Then there are these awesome Tee/Blazer combos that Ricielli Released with The Dressing Room! I’m a huge fan. Burley is a store I actually haven’t been to in a while, and I have to say I’m really impressed with their mesh hair! I found this one, and completely geeked out over it, and woe the demo around for a solid hour til I had some lindens to buy it up! Gah, I’ve missed SL fashion so hard in my few months away.  The Sim featured, is here. It’s a wonderful sim. A recreation of 1900’s Paris, complete with an Eiffel Tower you can go straight to the top in. I definitely recommend taking a visit!

It’s good to be back! I hope you enjoy!


The Basics (Olivia)  –

  • Skin – Hush – Olivia (Flirty) – Vanilla
  • Eyes – Mayfly – Deep Sky Eyes – Green Tourmaline (Mesh)
  • Lashes – Hush – Lush Lashes
  • Makeup –  L.Fauna – Extra Freckles (Tan)
  • Hair- Burley – Sirah -Red04 (Mesh)
  • Top – Ricielli (TDR) – Blazer + Shirt NY (Mesh)
  • Skirt – Coldlogic – Glass – Black (Mesh)
  • Shoes – Miel – Timber Boots – Natural
  • Jewelry – Pekka – Terminal Piercing, Mandala – Stretched Ears Omimi (Mesh), MG – Love Rocker -Silver (Mesh), Izzie’s – 80’s Rounded Nails – Black
  • Pose – Adorkable Poses

~ by missvonwondertits on February 25, 2013.

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